About us

AESEI s.r.l. has as purpose the entrepreneurial use, in innovative contexts, of the research results of the proposing teachers and the development of new products and services, also in support of the P.A. and companies.

Pursuing this goal AESEI offers two opportunities:

  • at the Polytechnic, to establish relationships with local, national and international entities and companies, which operate in the sector of building and/or conserving infrastructures, safeguarding and recovering the architectural and territorial heritage, with a return of image and economic benefits;
  • to the aforementioned bodies and companies, to draw know-how from the world of scientific research.

The Spin Off uses a modern structure inserted in the Polytechnic of Bari, well equipped for carrying out the proposed activities, in particular through:

  • Geomatics laboratory for the study and development of new applications;
  • Drawing Laboratory for the study and development in the field of data representation and modeling;
  • Third structure dedicated to the organization of meetings, conferences, events and web diffusion services.

Work team

Prof. Ing. Domenica Costantino


Dott. Ing. Maria Giuseppa Angelini


Prof. Arch. Gabriele Rossi