The activities offered will be carefully chosen according to what is required and the needs of the end user, adopting the most suitable techniques and the integration of different methodologies, considering an adequate design of the interventions, and the control of the results; all this thanks to the many years of activity carried out in these areas and the implementation of research developed. 

In particular, the research and development activity is related to the following themes:
  • Surveys of high precision framing, refining, detail and leveling networks;
  • Design, surveying, and data processing with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) instrumentation;
  • Design and execution of 3D surveys of architectural, archaeological and infrastructure assets;
  • Survey and 3D modeling of industrial plants;
  • Surveys for the monitoring and testing of civil engineering structures;
  • Georeferencing of images and image processing from aerial and satellite terrestrial platforms;
  • Terrestrial, UAV and aerial photogrammetric surveys;
  • Surveys for forensic activity;
  • Thermography and thermographic analysis;
  • Consultancy for the realization of structural and territorial monitoring, for the drafting of tender specifications for topographic and cartographic surveys to private individuals and public authorities;
  • Training courses for private individuals and P.A. on classic and advanced surveying techniques, data processing, numerical and GIS cartography, reference systems, remote sensing image processing, 3D modeling, BIM.